About Chris

Traveling is something I have been lucky to do a decent amount of but there is so much more to do and see and so little time.  As a kid I saw a lot of the US but it wasnt until a few years ago I started to venture more out of the country and come to appreciate other cultures & adventures more.

Still to see in the US:  Alaska, more of Hawaii & Grand Canyon…plus getting back to favs like Miami, NC, ski-areas, Vegas & Cali.

International trips have included:  Iran (at 5 years old so dont remember much), Bahamas, London, Manchester, Norway, Canada, Koln/Heidelberg/Munich/Nurnburg-Germany (World Cup – amazing), Alicante-Spain, Zurich/Lucerne-Switzerland, Amsterdam, Brussels, Liechtenstein, Santiago/Tres Valles/Portillo-Chile, Tokyo/Yokohama-Japan, Jamaica, Iceland & TJ-Mexico 😉

Top spots for the future:  South Africa (more on that), Brazil (2014 World Cup), Buenos Aires-Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Barcelona, Italy, Prague-Czech Republic, Bratislava-Slovakia, Poland/Ukraine (Euro 2010), Bucharest-Hungary, Costa Rica, Patagonia, Ski the Alps (Matterhorn/Zermatt for sure), Russia, Sweden, France (Euro 2016) & Greece…for now.

One of my goals for my life is to attend every single World Cup from here on out…I made the mistake of not going to any games at US ’94, passed on France ’98, almost did Japan/Korea ’02 and finally got to my first at Germany ’06…probably the most amazing 2 weeks of vacation in my life…nothing like a World Cup in Europe.  So next up is South Africa ’10 in June.  It has been a stressful lead-up as I almost didnt see thru to making the trip…finances, work/career, security fears & doubt almost won out.  But its important to me and got it done…see my 2010 World Cup page for more.



  1. Congrats, Chris. I will be following your journeys as you go along. Sounds like an epic trip that you need to take. Just hope you don’t have too much fun to not have time to keep posting.

    Have as much fun as the laws allow!

  2. Sounds great, I’m totally jealous. Go England!!! Keep the blogs going……

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