Posted by: chriswode | June 21, 2014

Switzerland vs France

Next up for us was Switzerland vs France back at Arena Fonte Nova, this time with everyone in attendance now World Cup game-experienced. Our route was the same with Andre picking us up in the van and dropping us at the same point to walk down the steep street to the stadium. With the 4pm kickoff we got there early and walked around a bit and finally got tables inside a big restaurant right outside the stadium on the lake…which was perfect for pre-game meal while watching the 2nd half of Costa Rica vs Italy…in which the mighty Ticos took down the Azzurri in dramatic fashion 1-0…awesome! Our group was mixed in who we would lend our support to in the Swiss v France game but all were hoping for a great game. Our seats were even better this time, again just 3 rows up but closer to midfield. The game was an entertaining affair with chants of “Allez les Blues” dominating the scene. And the French rewarded their fans with a bludgeoning of the Swiss 5-2, even having a great goal get nullified right at the final whistle. Postgame we hightailed it back to the house as an EARLY wakeup call was in effect in order to catch our 5:55am flight to Rio (or 5:30 for BMack who didnt get on our flight). All in all it was an excellent 1st week in Salvador with tons of laughs, 2 great games, great house, nice beach and plenty of fun. Obrigado Salvador, Guarajuba, Praia da Forte and Bar do Carlinhos.  Off to Rio and more craziness and a hectic schedule.


Same cool street in Salvador




lake by the stadium

lake by the stadium

yes Costa Rica!

yes Costa Rica!


Switzerland vs France

Joa-Anna ready for France vs Switzerland

Joa-Anna ready for France vs Switzerland

inside Arena Fonte Nova

inside Arena Fonte Nova


Smarts in even better seats


Smart wuins the girls’ pic


great seats




Our view

BMack Duncan Fabian and Fredj across the field

BMack Duncan Fabian and Fredj across the field

France celebrates another goal

France celebrates another goal


Frenchie actually invaded


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