Posted by: chriswode | June 18, 2014

Beachin’ it

The next 2 days was dominated by beach and pool time around the house in Guarajuba and our favorite beach bar, Bar do Carlinhos. It was nice and relaxing for everyone to be able to do their own thing and chill at the beach or watch games at the house or the beach bar. Tuesday was highlighted with the next Brasil game as they took on our rivals Mexico. With a 4pm kickoff the plan was to head to Praia da Forte, the next beach town up the coast 5 miles away. We had a prime table reserved for us in the best restaurant to watch the game so everyone donned their new personalized Brazil jerseys and we cabbed up. The main street is a long street of shops with everything from fine clothes and knick-knacks to restaurants and thankfully an internet cafe. Its a really nice area and street that runs right into the water with a nice view of the beach and coast.

The Brazil game brought quick closures to many of the stores as the locals were preparing to watch the game. Our restaurant filled up and the atmosphere was great. Unfortunately Brazil could not find the back of the net as the Mexico goalkeeper made some incredible saves and the game ended 0-0…but that didnt stop any of the Brazilians or our group for keeping the party going. Some local girls we befriended led our group (mainly the girls) in some good Brazilian dancing as the game commentary turned to music.

The next day was all at the beach playing futebol with local kids and then another game with some random Argentinians, French and Brazilians. Thiago and the crew at Bar do Carlinhos enjoyed our company most of the day as we posted up to watch games, eat seafood and enjoy many libations. Thiago had already given us a few of their t-shirts which we showed up in telling him we were ready to work…they got a kick out of it and pretty much gave everyone in our group a shirt. Pictures taken of course.

A couple nights we BBQ’d up some nice meat and chicken at our cool BBQ area by the pool or hit up a local restaurant with great Italian food on a lake a few minutes walk.  All in all it was a great way to start our time in Brazil.




Mr Green has a lovely bunch of coconuts

Mr Green has a lovely bunch of coconuts

IMG_1838View of our beach: Praia Guarajuba

IMG_2011Praia da Forte main street

IMG_2016Gito and Smartacandro

IMG_2021Gito, Dzekinhosa, Smartacandro and Dempsinho in Praia da Forte

IMG_2027Brazil vs Mexico

IMG_2032Wodinho and Volei watching Brazil in Praia da Forte

IMG_1842Out in Praia da Forte

IMG_1851Smart takes over the stage

IMG_2058Beach futebol

beach futebol with Brazilian kids

beach futebol with Brazilian kids

soccer on the beach in Guarajuba

soccer on the beach in Guarajuba

IMG_2067Newest staff members of Bar do Carlinhos

IMG_2069Bar do Carlinhos

IMG_3889 copy

milking Erik.....

milking Erik…..


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